Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bypass SMS verification of Facebook or any website

Bypass SMS Verification of Any Website

Now a days many sites are using sms verification to keep only the genuine audience in touch and to disallow spammers. facebook,yahoo,gmail and other major sites are also using sms verification to keep the loyal audience in and fake audience out. sms verification system provides extra dimension in any of the website's security but sometimes this great method proved itself as annoying. I had
mentioned sms verification process as annoying because some days ago, i verified one of mine account with my mobile number, but after that sms verification i am constantly getting 15-20 advertisements and promotional sms daily.
So i decided to find a way to bypass sms verification of any website, and hopefully i found a working way by which anyone can bypass sms verification of any website.So today i am sharing this mobile trick with Windows Kingdome readers. I hope you will find it informative.

So before beginning, Lets clear our mind on how sms verification system works?

SMS verification is a service adopted by web admins for various reasons like Getting quality audience,Providing a extra layer of security,keeping spammers away,Getting contacts of audience so that can help in marketing purpose. When a user enters his/her phone number in a sms verification text box. a bulk sms service sends a unique code to that mobile number. a user have to enter that code number in next step in order to verify his/her account number.

Now the Actual Trick, How to bypass SMS verification of Any Website?

1) First of go to

2) Then choose any number of your choice to receive sms on that number online.

3) After that, Enter that number in the SMS verification text box and click on verify.

4) Once you have done, You will instantly receive your code on that number's inbox. to access inbox of selected number click on number,it will leads you to inbox.

One thing to notice that all of the shared mobile number's inbox on that site are publicly accessible from all over the internet. So kindly don't verify your Paypal or any other account that contains sensitive informative with shared mobile number service.


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